Priyal Patel:
Human rights activist Ishmael Beah aptly noted, “…children have the resilience to outlive their suffering, if given the chance.” As a pediatric resident physician, I have had the opportunity to see the undeniable truth behind this statement. I have had the fortunate privilege of being strongly influenced by some extraordinary children and families. These individuals have continued to show me that there is an immeasurable amount of dignity in fighting for hope, health, time, and purpose. These patients have taught me that they cannot be confined to the constricts of being just another diagnosis. They are kids who yearn for normalcy and simplicity. They are kids who are not afraid to show their scars and share their stories through valued tears, hugs, and struggles. They are kids who demonstrate a transcending will to FIGHT! This blog is a way for me to share the stories of some of these little, big fighters.



Meredith Merkley:
When I think of my 5 year old self I see a girl who drove her parents crazy by waking up too early to watch Saturday morning cartoons, a girl who never ate a cupcake, but always ate the icing, and a girl who loved to play dress up and flip through countless books. Starting residency as a very naive intern I didn’t know what it looked like or felt like to see a child fight so hard for these unique experiences in their own lives. During my short medical career there have been countless instances where patients and their families have demonstrated resilience against so many odds, and have fought exhaustion, fear, pain, anger, etc. for their own lives and for their loved one’s lives. These instances of hope, emanated from these patients, are what I desire to help foster with my career as a pediatrician and I hope that through sharing experiences in this blog we all can experience this hope a little more frequently.